Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Philippines FIFA World Ranking Update

The Philippines jump 13 places and is now breathing down the necks of shite countries Malaysia (banana boys country), Tajikistan (Poor country), Maldives (Little island full of monkeys).
                                                     Monkey Style - Cambodia Star Player

The Philippines (country with smiling-dog president) expect to improve their ranking further as they are to meet Timor Leste (dumb cunts), Cambodia (try hard loser country, cant beat the Philippines this past 5 years), Laos (smelly people).
                                                           Monkey Team - East Timor

This writer hopes to see the Philippines beat Timor-Leste by more than 5 goals. Such a try hard country the only way they know how to qualify for the tournament proper is by hiring Brazilians. Yup! They have just naturalized 2 Brazilians playing in Australia's shite A-League to play for them in the Suzuki Cup Qualifiers. Philippines should put them away easily.


  1. At least the Aussies have a REAL and PROFITING league. Beat that.

  2. hey ano ngayon kung may league sila? ano gusto mo gawin ko ha? putanginang ito ah. ano point mo ngayon? tangina ka ha

  3. at shite talaga ang A-league ng australia. mas ok pa nga panoorin ang MLS. atleast doon end to end ang action. counter attacking football.
    mga aussie bukod sa pagiging butchers, mga bopols pa walang technical ability. aba, mas ok pa nga panoorin ang mga filipino maglaro dahil may konting flair.

    aussie... shite players. they call it soccer down under. fuck them. they rule oceania.


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