Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wake Up!

the real question is are we awake yet?
i think the real wake up call was when china started dominating us. then korea with their good outside shooting. we found hope when asi, menk and danny seigle came along and nearly pulled off the imposible in busan 2002 asian games. but we still couldnt beat china.
then came the middle eastern countries that used to be our whipping boys. now they are starting to take basketball seriously, realising that they have a chance at it for they have the height and the build. oh how the tables have turned. last night it was our turn as whipping boys. and it will be like that for a long time.
but thats ok. it is only basketball. filipinos were born to play this right? its in our blood right? we dont have to practice or prepare for months before a tournament. jones cup is nothing more than tune up games for the fiba asia championships. we are a natural for this sport. we dont need to practice. we dont need foreign coaches. what can they teach us that we dont already know? what could they possibly bring to the table that a filipino coach cant teach? we are the sleeping giants of the sport right? we dont need to be succesfull in football, athletics, swimming, tennis or any other sport. basketball is the only thing we love. we were born to play basketball - its our motherfucking birthright... fuck! even though we have yet to see a filipino in the NBA.

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